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2022-2023 Season

As we welcome you back to the Coastal Concerts’ 2022-2023 Season, the health and well-being of our audiences, staff, volunteers, and artists remains our number one priority. We have revised our COVID Policy and it is outlined below for your perusal.


Beginning October, 2022, Coastal Concerts will no longer require our patrons to present COVID Vaccination Cards or wear masks when attending a performance.  


This decision is based upon State of Delaware and CDC COVID recommendations as well as requirements by Bethel Church (our concert venue).   For more information, please visit: 



Although we have removed the requirement, we support and encourage those who wish to continue wearing masks.


Coastal Concerts MAY modify our attendance requirements should circumstances warrant a change in State of Delaware/CDC recommendations or requirements.  IF such a change would occur, we will notify our patrons by email prior to the next scheduled performance.

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