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Scholarship Winners 2022

CoCo is pleased to announce our 2021-22 Music Scholarship awardees. The scholarships are available to student musicians residing in Delmarva and attending either middle or high school, public or private. Scholarship awards may be used for music camps, university courses, instrument purchase or repair, or for private music lessons. All musicians are eligible.

The 2021-2022 Coastal Concerts’ Scholarship program awarded a total of $4,000 to eight students, two in high school  and six in middle school and was funded by generous contributions from Sussex County Council, Minnie Shorter, Rob Young, Carol Dennis, and Pete and Joanne Harrigan.

The Harrigans established the Dorothy and Elizabeth Musical Scholarship Fund in 2014 to honor their mothers’ “love of music and appreciation of learning.” The scholarship is an annual award in addition to those otherwise funded in any given year and presented to a talented student musician to further their music education.

This year’s Dorothy and Elizabeth Music Scholarship was awarded to Maxwell Brown. Additional scholarship winners include: Annabelle Wei, Andres Ramos, Gabriela Salvador-Riera, Mackenzie Vitolo, McKayla Hwang, Ava Hoang and Valentina Ramos.  

The annual scholarship program is just one element of Coastal Concerts’ comprehensive commitment to promoting classical music appreciation on Delmarva. Other initiatives include school-based performances by professional concert artists; free youth and discounted student admission to concerts; free community lectures and performances; and collection of used but playable musical instruments for donation to local schools. 

Since the introduction of the scholarship program in 2006, 56 students have received awards totaling $51,000.

Past Coastal Concerts Scholarship Winners:


2020-2021 Concert Season:

- Isabelle L. Bruening, Cab Calloway School of the Arts$1,500

- Nicolette Marie Sullivan-Cozza, Cab Calloway School of the Arts, $1,000

- Justin Xu, Charter School of Wilmington, $500

- Emilee Rau, Lake Forest High School, $125

- Owen Swartzentruber, Greenwood Mennonite School, $1,000

- Shinnyom David Park, Independence School, $500

- Marcos Salvador-Riera, Cab Calloway School of the Arts, $250 

- Nathaniel Hoang, Beacon Middle School, $125

2019-2020 Concert Season:

- Katarina Swann, Sanford School, $1500

- Zoe Yost, Mt Sophia Academy, $1,500

- Grace Kerr, Indian River High School, $500

- Gabriela Salvador-Riera, Cab Calloway School of the Arts, $500

- Robert Reese-Hengal, Mariner Middle School, $200

2018-2019 Concert Season:

- Juliana Castillo, Music School of Delaware, $1500

- Nicolette Sullivan-Cozza, Cab Calloway School of the Arts, $1500

- Jessica Yulin Zhang, St. Thomas More Academy, $1500

- Aria Gill, Lighthouse Christian School, $500

- Lillian Williams, Beacon Middle School, $500

2017-2018 Concert Season:

- Juliana Castillo, $1500

- Gia Bautista, $1500


2016-2017 Concert Season:

- Conor McAvinue, Archmere Academy, $1500

- Gray Scott, Home schooled, $1500

- Hannah Wiswell, Cape Henlopen High School, $1500

2015-2016 Concert Season:
- Gray Scott, Home schooled, $1500
- Morgan Hurlock, Cape Henlopen High School, $1500
- Hannah Scarborough, Appoquinimink High School, $1500

2014-2015 Concert Season:
- Conor McAvinue, Archmere Academy, $1500
- Charlotte Priest, Caesar Rodney High School, $1500
- Marius Sander, St. Thomas More Academy, $1500

2013-2014 Concert Season:
- Alison VanVorst, Milford, Delaware, $1500
- Marius Sander, Wyoming, Delaware, $1500

2012-2013 Concert Season:
- Fallyn Smith, Milton, Delaware, $1000
- Daniel Iammatteo, Lewes, Delaware, $1000

2011-2012 Concert Season:
- Kourtney Bastianelli, Georgetown, Delaware, $1000
- Audric Baal, Middletown, Delaware, $1000

2010-2011 Concert Season:
- Emma Scott, Bridgeville, Delaware, $1000
- Benjamin Simmons, Dagsboro, Delaware, $1000

2009-2010 Concert Season:
- Maria Scott, Bridgeville, Delaware, $1000
- Sierra Spicer, Laurel High School, Delaware, $1000

2008-2009 Concert Season:
- Maria Scott, Bridgeville, Delaware, $1000
- Benjamin Simmons, Sussex Central High School, $1000

2007-2008 Concert Season:
- Cody Leavel, Cape Henlopen High School, $500
- Emmery Williams, Milford High School, $500

2006-2007 Concert Season:
- Kelly Jones, Milford High School, $500

2005-2006 Concert Season:
- Emmery Williams, Milford High School, $500

2004-2005 Concert Season:
- Zachary Scudlark, Cape Henlopen High School, $500

2003-2004 Concert Season:
- Jerry Elder, University of Delaware, $500

2002-2003 Concert Season:
- Jerry Elder, Cape Henlopen High School, $500

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