Upcoming Concerts

You may purchase individual tickets for any of the six concerts this season. Premium seats are located within the first few rows, center audience, and may include left side seats for piano performances. Seats within the premium seating area are available on a first-come basis.  All other seats are general admission and also available on a first-come basis.


Tickets are nonrefundable. See refund policy for details in the event a concert is cancelled.

Brasil Guitar Duo


The welcome return of award-winning favorites     (read more...)


Saturday, October 19th at 7 pm

Benjamin Hochman


New York Times says "Classical Music doesn't get any better than this"     (read more...)


Saturday, November 16th at 2 pm

Performance Insights with Lani Spahr at 1 pm

Tom Gallant &
Tesla String Quartet


In a special collaboration with Tom Gallant, the Tesla String Quartet gives us a performance filled with technical mastery, charm, and wit  (read more...)


Saturday, January 18th at 2 pm

Performance Insights with Lani Spahr at 1 pm

TG and Tesla.png
Trio Valtorna


Extraordinary performers give the French horn its due!     

(read more...)


Saturday, February 15th at 2 pm

Performance Insights with Lani Spahr at 1 pm

Andrew Garland &
Warren Jones

Vocal allure and dramatic flair combine in "Songs of Travel"     

(read more...)


Saturday, March 14th at 7 pm

AG and WJ.png
Tessa Lark &
Michael Thurber


Violin-bass duo brings a high energy performance, and a welcoming stage presence with audience interaction    (read more...)


Saturday, April 18th at 8 pm

Performance Insights with Lani Spahr at 6:30 pm